6 Reasons to Drink Green Tea Daily

After a lot of contemplation, world has accepted green tea as a healthy beverage. Although a major population was aware of its health benefits since ages, yet another portion believed on them only when these benefits were backed by the intense research. Originated in south Asian continent, it is popular globally for its amazing healthy advantages. Researchers have found that it can deal easily with many serious medical problems.


Green tea is packed with healthy nutrients that have unlimited qualities to solve health related problem. It is extracted from the same camellia sinensis plant, but it has more values in terms of nutrition and remedial powers than any other variety of tea produced by this plant. These benefits are caused due to natural fermentation, no manual intervention, and years of experience used to make this tea a perfect potion for a healthy lifestyle.

Health Benefits of Green Tea:

Green tea has many surprising and interesting compounds that endeavor potential health benefits like:

  1. Weight Loss with Green Tea:

Green tea is recognized as a super food which has impeccable power to reduce your weight. The anti-oxidants found in green tea are quite different from those which are found in fruits or vegetables. It is a brilliant remedy to get rid of obesity and reduce excess weight, specifically the abdominal fats. A research conducted by Penn State’s College of Agriculture has revealed that regular intake of green tea can reduce weight dramatically.
The anti-oxidant properties, polyphenols called as catechins found in this natural drink increase the rate of metabolism which ultimately decreases body fat. It also has such elements that suppress the hunger and requirement of food. By eliminating the sugar content and other calorie weighted substance, it can give surprising benefits in losing weight. Daily sip of 8-10 cups of green tea along with regular exercise will effectively help to lose weight comparatively more than individuals who only do workouts for weight loss.

  1. Diabetes Control:

Diabetes is another issue of concern for the health. Patients can go for prevention or survival with this disease but there is no medicine that can cure it. For the first time, green tea has shown the signs of eradicating syndrome of diabetes through its property of polyphenol called as EGCG (Epigallocatechin gallate). It has power to neutralize high sugar in blood. Around the world, most of the diabetic patients are facing the symptoms of type II diabetes.In this regard, a study conducted by Japan in 2006 has suggested that people sipping 6 cups of green tea a day have lesser risk of getting diabetes than those who sipped only 1 cup in a week.

Must Read PostABCs of Diabetes

  1. Prevention of Heart Disease:


Green tea effectively works on the walls of blood vessels. Polyphenols found in it can reduce stress and helps widening of arteries which can decrease bottle necks created due to high cholesterol. The smooth flow of blood through broad arteries can decrease blood pressure, reduce cholesterol, and prevent clotting of blood, which is major cause of stroke or other heart related problems. As per study conducted earlier, it is found that people who consumed 5 cups of green tea daily have lowered their risk of stroke or heart attack by 26%.

  1. Encourages Oral Health:

green-tea-in-oral-healthGreen tea is decked with anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties which help to safeguard your oral health. The catechins components present in green tea eliminate the oral problems to great extent. The bacteria called Streptococcus mutans is cause of plaque and cavity in teeth. A study by Journal of Periodontology concluded that this beverage can inhibit the expansion of these harmful bacteria in mouth. Not only has Green tea helped in reducing bacteria but it also cuts down the problem of bad breath.

Its anti-bacterial powers prevent cavities, anti-inflammatory properties control gum disease, and elements that prevents enamel loss on tooth helps green tea to take care of oral health completely.

  1. Improves Brain Functionality:

According a study carried out by University of Missouri, Green tea has such elements that can boost memory power and accentuate brain functionality. It is best in old age when people face imbalance of brain and nervous system. It is found that most disturbing, neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s can be prevented by catechin compounds found in Green tea.

Caffeine present in green tea can make your brain work faster, smarter, and active in all senses. It has adequate amount of caffeine i.e. 8-24 mg which pursue only healthy effect by eliminating all other side effects.

  1. Delay Your Ageing:


What if can you look young forever? With green tea, it is possible. According to a study conducted by University of Campbell, it is seen that green tea ceremony practitioners have longer life span than other part of population. Free radicals are the main culprit for the deterioration of skin health. In a study, it is revealed that anti-oxidant present in green tea obstruct free radicals to break down collagen (protein that keep skin young).

Apart from these, green tea provides utmost relaxation and de-stress your body after a hectic schedule. Its properties and benefits improve overall health and increase the lifespan of person.

ABCs of Diabetes

Diabetes is becoming a nationwide challenge in many countries across the world. With the diabetes type 2 becoming widespread and growing like wildfire, awareness should massively be created on effective measures to deal with this condition. Overweight and unhealthy lifestyles are identified to be the major causes of increased cases of diabetes. The use of alcohol, smoking, reliance on fast foods is some of the lifestyles adopted by people which are exposing them to the risk of diabetes.


The ABC of diabetes outlines three essential facts about diabetes. These include;


  • A1C test. This is a test aimed at measuring your average blood sugar level for the last three months. This test helps you know whether your sugar level is high or low. High sugar level have effects on your blood vessels, kidney, heart and other body organs.
  • Blood Pressure. Blood pressure is also an important factor to check while diagnosing for diabetes. It entails the measure of the force that the blood acts against the walls of the vessels. High pressure forces your heart to work harder which may cause stroke, heart failure or even damage to your eyes and kidney. It main aim is to ensure that diabetic people have a blood pressure of below 140/90.
  • This measures a number of accumulated body fats. There are two types of cholesterol that accumulate in your body. These are the HDL and LDL cholesterol. Knowing the amount of each type in your body is quite important in the fight against diabetes. High levels of LDL, for instance, accumulate and clog the blood vessels. It is referred to as bad cholesterol. HDL, on the other hand, referred to as good cholesterol can help remove bad cholesterol.

There are certain actions which you should take after taking the ABCs of diabetes. These actions include;

Seek medical attention in case the ABC test are positive in any of the components. For instance, if your cholesterol or sugar level is high seek measures to remedy the situation.


Have a walk and keep out of your home. Many people have remained glued to their TVs, movies, and computer games the whole day. This makes their bodies inactive and leads to accumulation of fats. Therefore, walk, exercise and engage in other simple activities that will make your body active.

Finally, make a plan of your daily activities. The plan ensures that you remain busy and reduce your time for idleness. This helps burn up body fats to release energy thus preventing obesity and consequently diabetes type 2. Further more info visit this website www.Reviewlr.Com

Some Best Android Phones with Camera Less than 5000

Searching the best android phones less than 5000? Then you’ve arrived at the best place. So today we will list the best Android Phones Under 5000 Rs with 4G and 1 GB RAM.


You will find lots of Android Phones on the market that are around under Rs 5000. The days are gone in which the customers needed to compromise with features. The times have transformed now, you can purchase a good Smartphone with higher specifications only at that cost.

Look at the considerations

What must everyone consider before purchasing a Smartphone under 5000 Rs? So thinking about your budget, don’t expect top end specifications but do expect a good value Smartphone. Only at that cost, expect a Smartphone with 1 GB RAM and a minimum of 4 GB of Internal Storage. The majority of the Android Phones Under 5000 featuring 8 Mega pixel Primary camera and a pair of Mega pixel Selfie Camera. The center from the Smartphone may be the processor, so that you can expect a quad core chipset. Additional Features which you’ll get are 3rd generation, Wi-Fi compatibility, Gps navigation, and Bluetooth. So let’s consider the best android phone less than 5000.

Android one

Android the first is Google’s own creation that was launched this past year. The goal of Android One Program ended up being to make affordable mobile phones with latest updates. Presently, you will find three Android one products namely Spice Dream Uno, Karbonn Sparkle V and Micromax Canvas A1. All of the features of the Smartphone are same except the look part. Android One Mobile phones sport a 4.5 “Liquid crystal display. It arrives with 1 GB of RAM and it has 4 GB of internal storage. There’s 5 Mega pixel rear camera and 3 Mega pixel front facing camera. All of the phones have obtained Android Lollipop 5.1 update that is awesome for any 5k device. Android one product would be best and least expensive mobile phones under 5000 Rs.

Honor bee

Honor Bee may be the least expensive Huawei device on the market costing just Rs 4999. It’s the among the best android phones under 5000 Rs. Recognition Bee operates on Android Kitkat 4.4 with Huawei EMUI 3. Lite on top. The telephone sports 4.5 ” display with 854*480 pixels resolution. The telephone will get the processing speed from 1.2 GHz Spreadtrum Quad core processor. Besides this, it’s 1 GB of RAM with 8 GB of internal storage that is expanding as much as 32 GB. Recognition Bee features 8 Mega pixel camera with Brought expensive around the back and it has 2 Mega pixel front facing camera. There’s 1750 mAh battery with energy saving technology.


ZTE blade QLUX may be the least expensive 4G LTE Smartphone on the market. The telephone operates on Android Kitkat 4.4 KitKat that is upgradable to Android Lollipop 5… Run by 1.3 quad-core processor with 1 GB of RAM. There’s 8 GB of internal storage with expanding storage as much as 32 GB. Edge QLUX includes an 8 Mega pixel snapper around the back and it has 5 Mega pixel front facing camera. It houses 2200 mAh battery.

Make Money Online – 4 Excellent Ways to Earn Money from Blogging


Blogging is an arena where almost everyone wants to make their career. Are you also among them and looking for techniques to earn money from blogging? I can say that there are so many ways to earn money from blogging; you have to find which one suits your blog. See below, I am sharing 4 significant ways to earn money from blogging.

1 – Advertise on blog

I think almost all new bloggers know this method. This method is same as newspaper and magazine selling ads. If your blog have some decent number of traffic, you can find advertiser who will like to pay to get exposure. Additionally, you can apply for Google Adsense, which act as third party entity for small-scale businesses. Most of the bloggers started earning from Adsense and that includes me too.

2 – Affiliate Program for bloggers

If you are a good reader, you must have seen that many probloggers use this technique now days which is very easy & common way to earn money.

In simple term, affiliate marketing means that you put a link of a product on your blog and if the visitor clicks that link and buy the product, then you will get some commission for that sale. Affiliate program will work for you the best only if your readers are engaged with your post. (I am still waiting to do it.)

3 – Sell Products on blog

I have seen many bloggers selling their eBooks and courses on their blogs. They use attractive cover page for their eBooks which helps owner to get success in selling their product. For example, Harsh Agrawal is selling his “Affiliate Marketing” eBook at $9.69 on his blog. (See below image)


Buy Now

4 – Sell your service

Last but not the least, sell your services. I have seen many probloggers earn money by selling their services. If you are a writer – you can sell your writing service, whereas a web developer or designer can use their expertise and help others design & develop their website for a price. Through blogging you can show your expertise to your blog readers in order to convince them to hire you.

5 blogging mistakes – Every blogger should have to focus in 2016


In this 21st century, blogging is a successful and powerful business source for the internet entrepreneurs. Online tycoons are attracted for blogging because of the huge benefits of a blog.

When I started my first blog freeguestblogging.info in 2013, I have day shift job. Before hosting this blog, I did not know the power of blogging and how we can earn money from blogging. My college junior and colleague, Nishant Prajapati, suggested me to start a blog, experiment on it and understand the things about blogging. And I’ve purchased a domain and my journey of blogging started. Still I’m doing blogging part-time and thinking do it full-time. Blogging is really very challenging but if you learn it properly and follow things, it would be very interesting and easy. To earn money from blogging, you need a good traffic on your blog and for that you have to do a lot of hard work on a consistent basis.

When I started a blog, I just knew free blogging platform like Blogger, WordPress, Tumblr, etc. So as I do not know much about hosted blog, I had done tons of mistakes which educate me a great exercise and give me an opportunity to upskill my blogging capability.

In this blog, I am going to share blogging mistakes which I already done and that you must not repeat if you want to become a successful blogger!

Absence of Regularity

To get a success in business, regularity is a prime factor which also included for blogging too. On the internet every second of every minute of every hour of every day, a new blog is     being created and almost 347 new posts created every minute of the day. So, competition is     too much and consistency is only the key to success.

As per Atish Ranjan, [Tweet “Consistency means not only writing and publishing content Every day on your blog but do work every day for your blog”] i.e. link building, social media sharing, keyword research, connect with other bloggers, get and think new ideas as well as topics. He said that every single minute is precious for you and if you will not work in that minute, your competitor will work and beats you. So Be REGULAR!

Duplicate Content

[Tweet “Duplicating the content is the biggest mistake, Avoid it!”]

If you think, you will copy other’s content and put it on your own blog and no one watching you then you are the biggest duffer in this world. Google keeping eyes on this kind of stuff and blacklisting those sites which follow these activities. Google now caring more about the users and providing a relevant and helpful results to them when they searching for things. So, don’t demolish your blog’s reputation and don’t call Google to penalize your blog due to copied content.

Over optimizing vs Ignoring SEO

There are two types of people in the industry. One who are not giving an importance to the SEO and another side one who are giving so much importance to SEO. The ideal way to get success, stay fair enough with search engine optimization.

[Tweet “Over Optimization reduce the readership experience bcz it’s focused on SE spider rather than users.”]

Over optimization is also a huge mistake because this kind of articles focused on search engine spider instead of users which reduce the readership experience of users. And as I have explained in the previous point, Google fully concentrating BEST USER EXPERIENCE. If you would like to know more about Google Over Optimization Penalty, read Sean Si article on the same topic.

Ignoring SEO is also a common mistake because SEO will bring an organic traffic for your blog which is very important to get success. If you thinking only content creation & publishing will drive a massive organic traffic then you are in a dream. According to Google, Content is King but to beat opponent we need soldiers and SEO will play a role of soldiers to achieve a victory for your content.

Tips : Read this article 11 On Page SEO factors to get high google ranking.

Avoid use of extraordinary words and don’t forget to proofread before publish

I have observed that so many bloggers use peculiar words or phrase to influence the users. But this is not good in every case. Some readers don’t know the meaning of that word and therefore they Google it to understand your article which interrupt the users during reading. So, the best thing is that to use common words to produce an interest of reading.

I never do proofreading for my written content but after reading some famous blogger’s blog, I habituate for proofreading. Now, after writing content I always read my post as well as use free online proofreading tools to create an error-less article.

No use of Real Photo

Without gaining a trust, you can’t expect a success of your blog. For that, you have to use a real photo in your social media accounts and other sites. Everyday we receive lots of friend request and because they do not have the real photo and name and therefore we could not trust them and just cancel/ignore that request. As a blogger, trust and credibility are most important, so always use your Real Picture as a profile photo.

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Finally, I can say that intentional or unintentional mistakes always teach you something which you do not have to repeat. Above mentioned all blogging mistakes, you have to avoid to drive your blog on success road. If you have done any mistake during your blogging profession or career, let us know the mistake and how you recover from it. So, I will share your thought on my blog with credit to you.

Don’t forget to share and comment, if you like the post!

How I Reduced My WordPress Website Bounce Rate Using These 8 Tips

8 Tips to reduce your site's bounce rateIf you are among the business owners who are effectively managing a business website over WordPress, you must be well aware of the magic of this platform. The percentage of websites managed with WordPress is continually increasing in number because of the features that come packed with this content management system. Though WordPress is one effective platform, several incidences have been reported for increased bounce rate.

When visitors leave the websites quickly, they contribute to higher bounce rates. A number of reasons are responsible for the same; however, some of the effective ones are unavailability of uninformative content, poor site loading speed, flat websites designing and broken site visibility.

All these factors amplify bouncing rate, which ultimately harms the conversion rate. The problem is a serious one as it can easily affect the potential client base. Thus, the solution lies in using these verified tips that I have already used to decrease the bouncing rate of my WordPress website. 

  1. The power of quality content 

Quality content is one among the success pillars to design a WordPress website. Visitors come to a website with a lot of expectations in the mind; in case they do not find the website up to their expectations, users are likely to abandon the visits to the website.

Therefore, it is always good to offer quality in the content so that visitors could be satisfied with the same. Providing a satisfying experience to the users is one of the important considerations in making your website popular among them.

  1. Enhanced users experience 

Providing an improved user experience revolves around a lot of considerations that include easy navigation facilities, an exceptional website appearance, and quality in the write-ups that have been posted on the web.

Making the users happy is important to help the website attain the top rank in the search results. It is directly connected to making your business more prominent over the web. The aspect is very much important for the e-commerce websites.

  1. The website speed 

It just takes 2 seconds for the users to decide whether they wish to browse through website. In case, the site is taking more time in loading, it would not even considered by the visitors.

Thus, it is important to work on the speed of the websites so that they could easily load on various browsers. There are a number of WordPress plugins to do the task effectively. 

See also : 10 Tips To Speed Up Your WordPress Website

  1. The benefit with responsive websites

The best thing about responsive website is that they could easily load over any of the platform irrespective of the size of the device. It, additionally adds to the increased visibility of the website.

Increased visibility adds to the more visitors to the website, which further increases the conversion chances. Google also supports and ranks responsive websites well.

  1. Improved navigation facilities 

The fact that visitors generate revenue for your websites cannot be ignored. And to get more and more revenues through them, you must offer a pleasing browsing experience. Thus, there should be an improved navigation facility for them in order to gain more conversions and profit thereafter.

It is also important to ensure that the navigation is simple, easy to access and not at all confusing for the visitors. 

  1. The matter with the ads

Websites have additional content in the form of advertisement as they help it generate revenue. It is more of a technique to showcase ads on your WordPress websites as it must not hamper the users’ experience while browsing through the website.

Hence, ensure the ads have been placed properly and they are not disturbing the aesthetics of the website. It is recommended to go with the text ads as they will suit the aesthetics well.

  1. Fix broken links

Additional link on the posts ensure that visitors can go from a post to another or they may also come to your link while browsing through other links. However, this may not happen in case of broken link.

Broken links will also make your users to hit the back button that is going to add to the higher bouncing rate. Thus it is advised to fix broken links for the better conversions.

  1. Related post over the website 

If you want the visitors to go on the entry page, then ensure that they find relevant content on the page. However, do not paste all the content over a page. Just highlight the major points and add the rest on the “read more” section. It has the potential to retain the attention of the clients for longer.

These are the tried and tested methods that are very much effective to lower the bounce rate of your WordPress website. Keeping a few of these points would ensure higher ranking of WordPress websites.

Pro Tips : How internal linking helps to get high ranking in Google

Author bio:

Williams Heilmann is a dedicated professional at a leading PSD to WordPress Conversion Service Provider – PSDtoWordPressExpert who keeps on researching new WordPress trends. He also ensures to share the information with users through effective blogs.



I often wonder how this erupting magnetism of reel life turns out to be a raging pursuit in irrefutable life. Every time I log in to my facebook account I find my wall brimming with the controversies of different actors and actress. How these reel life heroes and heroines fell in love in real life? How they enter into a happy love relationship but unfortunately end up in separation? These issues often ponder over my mind but I find no answer to this.

We as fans have been bystandering over decades about our paramour stars crumbling in love with each other offering us spicy news to scandal about! At times these love stories end with sad note due to different issues like ego, cheating, family interference, or they often are being forced by their fans not to be with their love.

Though many relationships had a sad end but there were many who are living happily together after many long consecutive years.

The shahenshah of bollywood (our Big B) mated with Guddi in 1973, during the making of film silsila he fell for Umrao Jaan, there were also comments about Amitabh and Rekha’s secret marriage but was never admitted it the stars in public. At last we are satisfied with Amitabh Bacchan happy marriage with Jaya Bhaduri Bacchan.

The second much allocated relationship that failed was Salman Khan and Aishwarya’s heated love story that started on the sets of Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam unfortunately the beautiful Ashwarya’s parents did not approved to their affair which made salman wild upon Ash and she was even replaced with Rani Mukharjee in the film Chalte Chalte. And now salman is still single but Ashwarya is happily married to Abhishek Bacchan. But there is also a spicy past of Abhishek and Karishma kapoor’s love section getting engaged with each other however they together were no success.

We are even aware of Shahid Kapoor and Bebo’s deep love but their separation left the fans in shock. Ultimately kareena started feeling for Saif who was in a ball park with Kismet Konnection star Vidya Balan. Very less is aware of Karina’s and Hritik Roshan love affair when he all time handsome was dating Sussanne Khan at the same time. (Karina Kapoor thus proved to be a ‘kabab main haddi’ for many affairs).

When we talk about the strongest relationship among all we are stuck with the ultimate Bipasha Basu and the most dashing John Abrahim who dated for eight long years but unfortunately they too are not seen together.

The love between Akshay and Shilpa Shetty out bloomed during the years when they were working together. But Shilpa came to know about akshay’s affair with twinkle khanna and eventually marring with her. Shilpa Shetty got engaged with the UK based baron Raj Kundra. Akshay was also engaged with Raveena Tandon however both of them were not able to deal with each other and got separated.

The most beautiful and appealing, the most gorgeous Sridevi was also in the hit lists when it comes to her affairs. She was stocked up with Mithun who was already married and left his wife for her for some time. When Sridevi wanted to marry Mithun officially, Yogita interfered and eventually Mithun turned up again with his former wife and left Sridevi who later married Boney Kapoor who again was married to Shourie kapoor who died of cancer letting Sridevi and her husband to enjoy the life happily.

Love realm and scandals never drop off in Bollywood, from a heart engaged relation it has now turned to a occupation hazard as it has become a matter of fame and popularity these days.

Jump 10 minutes a day and gain a lot of health benefits

Yes, it’s true! Just jump 10 minutes a day and gain a lot of health benefits. No need to jog or run around the park and face chills of the winter morning. Go jumping rather and benefit three times more.

With your regular jumps, you can shed excess pounds, feel energetic and stop the ageing. Your heart starts working better, your bones strengthen and the mind becomes sharper when you jump daily.


So, if you want great health benefits in less time, you should then start jumping from today itself. Let jumping become a part of your daily fitness regimen as researchers believe it to be the best exercise invented ever.

Jumping brings a lot of health benefits, including:

Lymphatic System

A human body that does not move is prone to a lot of health problems. When the body moves, it pushes the lymph and helps it stream further inside the body. After all, the lymph system brings nutrients to the body cells and keeps the toxins out of the body. If the lymph does not flow in the body, diseases and illness can strike it any time.

Immune system

Your regular jumping helps immune cells to become more active in the body. And when these cell become active, they keep a check on viruses and bacteria of different types. As a result, the immune system gets a big boost and diseases are kept out of the body.

Body fat

With regular jumping or rebounding, you can cut down the body fat to a great level. Those who jump daily are less likely to face obesity problems than those who don’t. And when your body fat is kept under control, it leads to a lot of other health problems including diabetes.

Nervous system

Jumping helps you beat stress! It also keeps you away from anxiety and depression issues. It stabilizes the nervous system and helps in release of serotonin which brings similar health benefits as yoga. So, you can lead a healthy and peaceful life when jumping is a part of your daily exercise regimen.

Strengthens your bones

Jumping benefits your bones more than running or jogging. Your daily jump brings greater bone building benefits. As it’s a high impact exercise, it keeps your bones away from repeated stress and gives loads of benefits. It also increases bone density.

Cardio-vascular health

The heart functions better in those who are a regular to jumping. Your blood pressure is normalized when you do jump regularly and this saves you from a lot of potential diseases. With jumping, heart rate problems get treated over time. In addition, jumping also brings low-impact aerobic effect.


The body feels a lot of troubles when its digestion process gets disturbed. The elimination process too has to be good to keep health issues away. Jumping helps in both and also helps in relaxation. Once the digestion is improved, the overall productivity of the body goes up.

Superior mental performance

Jumping is simple and easy to do. It’s one exercise that is loved and enjoyed by people of all age groups. Whether children or elderly people, everybody loves to jump. As one feels pangs of happiness with jumping, it consequently leads to better mental performance. And when the mental performance improves, it brings a cascading effect to learning process.


In a nutshell, jumping brings a range of health benefits to keep you fit and fine. As it’s easy and simple to do, you should include it in your daily exercise schedule to benefit the body in a big way. The best thing, jumping is a proven exercise as many studies and researches have already testified it benefits. So, feel free and start now!

About Author:

Ian Alam is a digital marketing enthusiast and has written many topics in the related field. He works with Jump In, which is counted among one of the Best Trampoline Park in the UK.

5 SEO trends that you should follow in this year

5 SEO trends in 2016

Based on my own predications and compiling the opinions of some of the top-notch experts of the SEO industry, here I present to you the 5 biggest SEO trends you must hook in your SEO strategy of 2016.

Mobile search will continue growing to the next milestone

In 2015, mobile search numbers surpassed the desktop search volume. And the SEO gurus anticipate that the bandwagon will not slow down in 2016 and beyond. Fast and affordable internet connectivity, large enough Smartphone screens, excellent functioning of mobile browsers and Google’s AMP (accelerated mobile pages) project is fueling the rise in the importance of mobile friendly websites. Do you have a mobile-friendly, aka responsive, website?

Voice Search is making its way faster than you think

The virtual digital assistance like Siri and Google Now are now allowing Smartphone users to browse Google with voice commands instead of entering text search phrases in the browser. The voice search concept is predicted to gain more popularity in 2016. With this latest trend, the importance of long-tail keyword phrases may increase in the SEO space. SEO professionals will now need to gear up for voice search queries too.

Social media content will now appear in mobile search results

Thanks to Google’s deal with Facebook and Twitter, now you will see social media content appeared in mobile search results for relevant keywords. In 2016, we will see how web and social media differences are blurred from SEO viewpoint. Your social posts hold more importance than ever now as they aren’t just contributing to your brand identity but also accounts for search engine ranking now.

Videos are a most effective strategy for content marketing

Text and image based content has served as a protocol for many web based businesses till now. But recently, we are witnessing more of video content into blogs, websites and in social media pages of companies. After Google, YouTube is the second most popular search engine. And there is no doubt that videos are a better way to engage your target customers. Content with a blend of text, images and video have more chances or ranking high in search results. If you haven’t embraced video content as a part of your SEO campaign, think again!

[Tweet “5 Tactics in 2016 to be Top Listed in #YouTube http://freeguestblogging.info/5-tactics-in-2016-to-be-top-listed-in-youtube/”]

QYALITY link building will hold more important

SEO specialists forecast Google penguin to become more powerful in the current year unlike the previous years. Meaning, Irrelevant or disavowed links can backfire your link building campaign. So, in current year, you will need to emphasize on quality link building. And this is when creative and innovative link earning ideas like infographic, eBook, video, reviews, rewards, etc., comes in the picture.

The face of SEO is changing fast and so as the SEO strategies. Incorporate these hottest trends to your SEO strategy of 2016 and stay ahead of the competition!

Author Bio:

Author is a website consultant and internet marketing professional working with small businesses. Offering a variety of business services like mobile app development, SEO, website design & development in india. He is committed to helping businesses succeed in an increasingly technological environment.


factors behind joint pain

Joint pain commonly known as arthritis. It is the discomfort that occurs where two or more bones meet i.e. the meeting of the bones forming the joint. It can be severe or just mild such that one feels it only periodically and just as a soreness. Severe joint pain can be so serious that it causes immobility to the affected limb. Most arthritis patients swear that the pain gets worse during winter. Researchers have often differed over the relationship between joint pain and winter. Some argue for the case of there being a relationship while others do not think that joint pain is affected by winter. The possible explanations for the pain during winter are explained below;

Changes in barometric pressure

This does not occur during the winter season but happens just before the onset of the winter. Just before the onset of winter, there is a drop in barometric pressure. This drop in barometric pressure lessens the weight of the air pushing against the body. The reduction, in turn, causes the tissues to expand. The expanded tissue is the cause of problems since it puts pressure on the joint. This is felt as joint pain. The most affected joint by the drop in barometric pressure is the knee joint.

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Less activity hindering synovial fluid production

Joints are moving parts. As with any moving parts, such as those in machines, lubrication is essential for the joints to work well. The lubrication fluid in a human body’s joints known as synovial fluid. Synovial fluid production is at its optimum when one is young. However, as one age, the joints have to be stimulated to produce this all important fluid. The stimulation is through activity that causes movement in the joints. During winter, most people are inactive and move less. This inactivity hinders the production of synovial fluid hence causing the joints to have no or little lubrication. This, therefore, affects the joint’s working that results in pain. Indoor exercise activities can help prevent pain caused by this factor.

Decreased blood flow to joints

When it is cold, the body looks for ways to avoid losing heat. One of these ways is through regulating the blood circulation within the body. The body concentrates blood supply to the vital organs such as the heart and lungs while cutting supply to extremities such as the legs and hands. The result of this is that the joints in these extremities feel tight and stiff which causes a sensation of pain for people suffering from arthritis. This type of arthritis referred to as Reynaud’s arthritis.

The flu and rheumatoid arthritis

People are susceptible to catching the flu during the winter period. Reactive rheumatoid arthritis can occur after bouts of viral infection such as the flu. This is because its immune system attacks the body’s joints. The result of this is painful swollen joints. Rheumatoid arthritis can, however, be relieved by taking Synerflex, which is pain relief medication meant for rheumatoid arthritis.

pain relief medication for rheumatoid arthritis

Reduced exercise during the winter period

Exercise is known to relieve arthritic pain. Apart from the normal movement, a little bike riding or hitting the gym can help relieve some pain. During winter, most people are holed up in their houses. The outdoor exercise activities are all reduced while some even reduce the indoors exercise activities. Therefore, the very activity that was alleviating the pain is cut off. Naturally, the patient experiences more pain during this winter season. Typical indoor activities such as handling household chores and using the stairs instead of the lifts can be applied in the place of outdoor exercise.


Arthritis or joint pain can be a real bother. Therefore, arthritic patients must obviously dread the winter season if all it brings for them increased pain. The factors behind this increased pain can associate with reduced exercise, reduced barometric pressure, decreased blood flow to the joints, reduced synovial fluid production, and rheumatoid arthritis brought about by the flu contracted in the winter period. All is, however, not lost since pain relief medication and increased movement can help to alleviate some of this pain. Understanding the causes also helps the sufferers to come up with better ways of dealing with the pain.


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